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Work/Life Resources

Our web-based resources enable employees to become better workers and to live a better life. They provide information and learning opportunities, and at the same time, a portal through which both an organization and an Employee Assistance Program can communicate with employees and obtain valuable information from employees through assessments and surveys.


Work/Life Resources provides a wide spectrum of information and personal learning opportunities for employees of subscribing companies. Topics include stress, fitness, parenting, emotional health, relationships, personal finance and career development. Self assessments allow a user to identify areas of concern, articles provide valuable information and brief tips provide ideas for solutions. Special learning programs are designed to provide very personalized skills.

* If you do not know your employer's user name click here to send an email to Casey and Associates and we will send you the user name. Please be sure to tell us who your employer is.


If you are an employer who would like to learn more about how Work/Life resources could benefit your company, please contact Dennis Casey at dcasey@caseyeap.com


How to access Work/Life Resources:

If your employer offers Work/Life Resources as a part of your EAP program, follow these directions to connect:
  •       ● Click here to enter the website.
  •       ● Enter the user name provided by your employer *